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P. Lens


Endless Creativity

discover a mind blowing way
to capture the world

It's time for you to discover a new way to watch around you.


This first of many lenses will challenge you to find new ways to create. By taming this trio of lenses you'll be able to create totally unique renderings.


Having fun is the most important thing in photography. Discover, try, surprise, surpass yourself.

P. Lens triple creative photograph

You've been so many to want it!

Tiktok comment Arno Partissimo

Create unique compositions

3D back lens final front.png
lenses mockup.png

- Unique triple lenses render
with these three lenses,your

creative possibilities are endless.


- Recycled Disposable camera lenses
All lenses are made from some upcycled parts from disposable cameras destined for the trash.

- Durable 3D Printed mount
The P. Lens is made by 3d printer from resistant plastic.


- Lightweight and discreet
Mounted on your camera, the lens is super tiny and slimmer to shoot easily.

- Easy lens replacement
If by misfortune the little lens part breaks,

it will be very easy to replace it yourself.

- Premium Contact
By becoming a proud P. lens owner, you also get an exclusive access to a new community based on self-help and to connect with other creatives



Available for:


Join the P. Lens Family

And discover a newly to capture the world

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